Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Have you ever faced a bug in social media?

Have you ever faced a bug in social media? If you have never had those experiences or didn't even know what I mean by bug, then you are a lucky person. Even though we can think about it as a temporary technical problem whether temporarily or not, there are bigger problems that arise as well.

Last night Sept 24, after I liked one of my friends' profile picture on Facebook, I refreshed the news feed page. What happened after that was that there only showed public figures on that page. I didn't realize some problems at that moment. Then I went to the search engine like normal, to search for some close friends, but no friends showed up. I started to get confused, so I went to my friends list to try to find them. Things happened with the opening page showing "No Friends Yet." After checking some of my friends' homepages and trying to add them back as friends, I was told that "you are already connected," which started to make me upset. Thus, that night ended up with me being unable to see friends on my news feed, to add them back or to see photos of me in my friends' albums.

When I searched for the solutions this morning, I suddenly found that I was not the only personal made miserable by bugs in social media. Actually, there were more than 100 people around today experiencing the same Facebook friend bug as I did, and Facebook was not back to normal until 8 pm.

In fact, social media bugs are quite common. Another Facebook bug happened today when Huffington Post published that private messages had been posted on people's Facebook timeline. People got frustrated and embarrassed by those posted messages, which are supposed to be private. When things come to an ex or a complicated relationship, the issue of privacy much more severe.

When you face a bug on social media sites, 

You should:

You have to believe that you are not the only person suffering the problem. If there are other people experiencing the same problem,  you yourself can do nothing about it, and the web itself will find a way out.

Second, Let Others Know
Communication is always a key to success. Talk about your situations with your friends or tech pro who might understand your problems. If it is setting problem arise by yourself, then you can fix it immediately.

Third, Report the Problem
Even though big social media companies like Facebook may receive thousand of emails from their users, trying to report should always be a solution. Also, try to report your problem through other social media such as Twitter and Tumblr because people are connected under the flat world.

Fourth, Wait and See
Wait for applicable solutions. Or, it might just work again for no reason.

When social media bug happens especially regarding privacy issues, business firms should still behave ethically. This is because firms rely more on social media strategies to reach their target audience nowadays.

We, as interactive social media users, should actively react to these kinds of problems because we hold power and business companies rely upon our responses and reports.